Top 5 Gaming Laptops for the Year 2013

by admin on January 23, 2013

To enjoy the best games we must have a best machine. It has become all the more necessary that laptops should have high resolution, best graphic card, good memory and with good processor to get the unforgettable gaming experience.

From the horde of gaming laptops unleashed on the market it would be very difficult to choose the correct one. In the following list five top gaming laptops are explained in detail.

Best Gaming Laptops 2013

Asus G74SX

Asus G74SX

As already explained good gaming laptop should be with best graphic card, the Asus G74SX comes with  Nvidia GeForce GTX 560m graphics card. This is one of the best graphic card available in the market with 3 GB memory. The processor is Intel Core i7 2630 QM with 4 cores which easily supports all the top hardwares. The processor comes with 2 GHz transfer speed.

Many gaming laptops come with 6 GB of RAM which is very good but Asus G74SX comes with 12 GB RAM, which is way ahead of other gaming laptops. With great quality screen (17.3 inches) and other good quality components the Asus G74SX occupies the number one position in top 5 gaming laptops of the year 2013. The price is $ 1400.

Alienware M18x

Alienware M18x

The next gaming laptop is Alienware M18x  released by top brand Dell. The screen size is 18.4 inches with the resolution of 1920 x1080. The graphic card they emoploy is Nvidia GTX 460M which offers 1.5 GB memory. The processor is 4 core IntelCore  i7 2630 QM runs at 2GHz.The Alienware M18x is available with 6GB of DDR3 RAM and 750 GB hard disc which is enough for the most of the game loving people. The price is $2000.
MSI GT 683


This gaming laptop comes from the lesser known brand. Because of this disadvantage, they have offered the laptops with better options to compete in the market. The graphic card is one of the best, Nvida GeForce GTX 670 M. The process is the 4 core Intel Core i7 -3610 QM which runs at 2.3 GHz. The RAM keeps up with the other features with 12 GB of DDR3 RAM. The hard disc is only with 500 GB of space which logs behind other gaming laptops. The price is $1400.

Asus 675 VS –DS 72
The next gaming laptop Asus 675 VS –DS 72 is meant for average game loving people. The graphic card is of Nivida GTX 670 M which is capable of handling most of games. The processor is Intel Core i7-3610 QM of 2.3 GHz. The Ram is 16 GB of DDR3 RAM and hard disc is 1 TB. The price is $1900.

Alienware M17X

Alienware M17X
The  last of top 5 gaming laptops of 2013 is Alienware M17X. This is the lower end laptop of similar mode M18X . The graphic card is Nvida GTX 460 M of 1.5 GB and screen size is 17.3 inches, which is smaller than M18X. The processor is same as M18X of Intel Core i7 2630 QM with 4 cores and runs at 2GHz. The hard disc is also smaller in size with 750 GB and RAM is 4 GB of DDR3. The M17X is  a little below in the features offered compared to similar gaming laptops which will face problems in the longer run. The price is $1500.

The gaming loving people can choose the one from the above mentioned top gaming laptops of the year 2013, which is most suitable to them in terms of price and features offered.

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